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Our Story

CASA JAPAN was started by a dedicated visionary couple, Ferenando and Lily, who moved to Japan in order to pursue their calling to share the love and the good news in Japan.

We at CASA JAPAN aim to inspire and develop an interest in the hearts of people for cultural, educational, and artistic activities in our communities. We organize events and reach out to all generations, creating relationships which provide an opportunity to share the love and the good news. 

One of our main focuses is to motivate and embrace children’s originality as they discover their purpose in their life.  Children are the future, and they deserve the most comprehensive care and affection.  Through our activities we strive to portray the message that God loves them and that He has a special place for them.  We strongly believe in a community where everyone is loving toward one another with the purpose to be the light of the world, so we may continue the Grand Commission and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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